Cabin Re-Locating & Refurbishment

Refurbishment of portable cabins, containers & buildings

Considering many of our customers’ budget restrictions, refurbishing pre-owned portable cabins, containers and buildings seems like a smart alternative to building a new structure. A used portable cabin, container or building will emit less than 10% of the amount of carbon into the atmosphere that a brand new manufactured building will of the same size according to reports on the CO2 emissions resulting from the manufacture, use and scrapping of modular buildings.

You may remember the old portable buildings of years ago that were made of steel and looked very unattractive and not at all inviting. While the exterior of today’s modern portable buildings look very similar, we can incorporate into the design aesthetically pleasing features that will allow your portable cabin or building to blend nicely into your surroundings.

A portable cabin or building that has been refurbished is essentially being recycled, which makes it environmentally friendly. We refurbish our buildings in a highly controlled environment with processes in place to sort all the waste, which includes aluminum, steel, and timber for recycling, leaving nearly nothing for the landfill.

The refurbishment and construction of our cabins and buildings is well-organized to operate smoothly so that there is little or no disruption to wildlife or neighbouring businesses. Our refurbished cabins and buildings are sold for many different uses.

Great value for money

We offer customers good value for their money, a solution that dramatically reduces what it would cost to buy a new portable cabin or building. We refurbished all our pre-owned cabins and buildings to meet the high standards we are known for. Our workshop is highly controlled so that we can produce top-quality refurbished cabins and buildings. We have a team of well- trained and experienced professions that are committed to completing your project on schedule and within budget.

When you find yourself in need of additional workspace, our beautifully refurbished portable cabins and/or buildings offer the perfect solution as they can be adapted and configured to meet the needs of any industry or setting. Refurbished cabins or buildings offer top-quality adaptable, professional and comfortable work areas so that you can maximize productivity.

These portable units can be configured in any number of ways, including being linked side-by-side, stacked on top of one another and designed to create a large building complex. Reception areas, marketing suites, call centers, canteens, kitchens changing rooms, meeting rooms and toilets and more can all be included to suit your needs.

Cabinmaker provides a comprehensive refurbishment service for all types of portable buildings.
Our professional team has many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the industry. We can come out to your premises to evaluate your building needs, providing you with our best advice on how to improve your existing building. We will also give you a quote to get the job done to your specifications.


We have in stock a broad assortment of top-quality unused portable cabins and buildings in excellent condition for immediate sale. When we refurbish pre-owed cabins we completely overhaul the electrical system, wall linings, flooring and ceiling.

We can refurbish and reconfigure the unit to suit your specific needs. We will add doors and/or windows, showers, toilets, electrical components, lighting, kitchens, sinks, and partitions as required. We will also paint it in the colour scheme of your choosing.

Cabinmaker provides the following:

  • Our Hiab Transport Vehicle will bring your portable cabin or building to your site and install it where you want on your property. We deliver anywhere in the UAE and can give you a quote for everything involved.
  • We have a highly trained professional team that will take charge of your project from beginning to end.


Many benefits are derived from choosing a refurbished cabin or building instead of buying a brand new one, which include:

  • Good value for money: Every cabin we refurbish is to the highest standards so that you have a top-quality unit for a very affordable price.
  • Quick and easy solution: When you choose a refurbished cabin or building rather than a traditional structure, your building can be finished up to 70% sooner with very little disruption.
  • Immediate use: Once your cabin or building is delivered, all that is required before it can be used is that it be connected to the electricity and plumbing.
  • Refurbishment complies with current building rules and regulations: Your refurbished portable cabin or building will comply with all permanent building regulations while meeting all your specifications.
  • Customized to meet your needs: Our units are very versatile and can be adapted and configured to meet your specific requirements. We can add toilets, changing rooms, shower blocks, kitchens and more. We will also paint it match your colour scheme.
  • Very versatile: Our units can be stacked on top of one another and/or linked together to give you the configuration you need to meet your specific requirements. If you end up relocating, these portable units are extremely easy to move.

If you want to learn more about the refurbished portable cabins and buildings we offer or would like to speak to us about a project, please contact us today for a free consultation. We can help you select a cabin or building that would meet your needs while being affordable.

Every unit we produce is of the highest quality and very attractive looking. It can be ready for delivery in a short time and we will transport it to your location. We can also transport your unit using one of our Hiab transport vehicles, which makes delivery or relocation very easy.