The reasons for preferring the containers that we produce for our customers; are resistance against earthquakes, good quality, easy shipment, long life, economical and free of corrosion risk.

Modular System Container

Modular system containers can be used as single and double decks. Such containers can be used as offices and bureaus, prefabricated buildings, canteens and dormitories, prefabricated military installations, WC – showers and warehouses. Modular system containers are also designed for special purposes.

Container WC-shower groups are very strong thanks to its strong steel construction. It is convenient to relocate frequently. Water and electricity installations are prepared by us. Since the water pipes are behind and not under the container, they are easily connected to the mains water and sewer. Because there many WC and shower units can be placed in it, it will meet the need in large sites, crowded organizations, construction sites. All WC-shower groups have mirrors, washbasins, Turkish or European style WCs, paper holders, shelves, toilet seat covers, soap dispensers and aspirators, automatic fuses, socket keys, wiring and lighting fixtures.

Special solutions are available for disabled citizens.

Panel System Containers

EPS panel containers with high insulation value are preferred in areas with severe seasonal conditions. Panel systems can be used as single-ply and multi-ply containers, such as containers and module system containers, and can be manufactured as assembled or disassembled. With different panel thickness alternatives, they can be suitable to the desired climate regions.

Usage areas of panel system containers are office and bureaus, dormitory and dining hall, prefabricated buildings, prefabricated military facilities, WC-shower and warehouse etc.

Mobile Containers

It is the general choice of companies that change construction sites very frequently because the mobile containers have the ability to be moved. Togled Mobile Containers have no operations such as installation and assembly, they save time because they can move.

Flatpack Containers

The containers, as the most preferred product groups of big construction and infrastructure projects are utilized in different usage areas. Depending on the purpose of use, alternative productions can be made as single storey, two storey and three storey.

Containers are constructions that facilitate transport and installation. Containers may be produced in the forms of monoblock, demounted and combined with Hekim Panel or Hekim Klasik systems according to purpose, place and type of usage.

Container systems that meet all the mobilization services needed in the construction sector offer quality living spaces. Dormitories, cafeterias, social facilities, offices, WC and shower facilities, emergency settlement solutions as well as container houses are also offering solutions to housing needs. In addition to the standard plans for container options, also different projects focusing on the specific needs of the customer can be produced.

The multi-storey buildings in camps and construction sites can be located by combining standard containers