Our Prefabricated House

Cabinmaker LLC, being one of the first brands, coming to mind as a Prefabricated House, continues its role as a pioneer in the sector with its technological investments in 2016. The system based on complex steel modularity is unique in UAE.

Cabinmaker LLC continues to serve its customers with quality, stylish designs, safety, reasonable prices and product guarantee. The Cabinmaker Prefabricated House concept is demanded not only within the borders of UAE, but also from Mena Region.

Cabinmaker LLC is able to provide fast and effective solutions to its customers through its dealership network both in UAE and abroad.

The system is based entirely on Non-Welding Technology and has resulted in a long extension of the life of the building. Today, the buildings produced by Cabinmaker have the life as classic reinforced concrete buildings. However, it has a much more affordable and much faster delivery options than these classic reinforced concrete structures.

Advantages of Prefabricated Houses

  •  Quality, 
  •  Confidence 
  •  Eligible Price Guarantee 
  •  Elegant designs 
  •  Production, installation and service speed

Quality Prefabricated House

Since the metal steel parts are screwed on the galvanized system, the structures have a very long life. Interior and exterior facing materials used in Prefabricated Houses are made of Fibercement which is also under the guarantee of Cabinmaker LLC, which has all kinds of fireproof and hygienic certificates. As a result of Cabinmaker LLC investment on the system machine lines, it saves a lot of workmanship, resulting in considerable price advantages for our customers. The technology that Cabinmaker LLC uses is not only price advantage, but it also makes it possible to reduce the probability of error almost to “0”, so our customers can continue their lives in their homes more safely.

Secure Prefabricated Houses

The prefabricated houses, produced by Cabinmaker LLC are engineered in accordance with static calculations in special computer programs and the metal thickness, frequency intervals, hammers on the profiles, and insulation materials are decided according to the structure and climate conditions of the region to be constructed. The most important concern of Cabinmaker LLC is the confidence of customers. In case of any adverse events. 

Types of Elegantly Designed Prefabricated Houses

The capability of producing in any dimension enables to development of visually richer prefabricated house solutions.

Production, Installation and Service Speed

Though it may vary depending on the situation of the buildings, once our customers have placed the order, they can move in their houses within 1 month. The total time spent on one product is 10 days, and the remaining time is used for installation and delivery.

Building Uses

Cabinmaker LLC welcomes you to our wide range of quality, multi purpose units, designed with practically, safety and quality in mind.

We have a variety of functions and specifications to cater for all your professional and residential requirements.

Safety is also paramount, so strict fire retardant material is used if needed, particularly in areas where flammable substances are actively in use.

Oil refineries too require stringent safety conditions which we have a thoroughly understanding and implement while designing and producing our units.

For fireproofing and fire retardant materials we use:

  • G.I stud framing
  • Steel checkered flooring
  • Fire resistant cement boards
  • Non combustible gypsum boards
  • M.S angle joints and profile roofing

Exteriors are coated with heavy textured paint, which is waterproof and durable to handle high degree of changes in humidity and weathering conditions.

Our units and materials have been approved and certified by Civil Defense.

What we do

Security Centers or Guard House

Hospital/Clinic/Medical Cabins

Hotel or Canteen Cabins

Drill/Rig/Labor Camps

Recreation Cabins

Kitchen & Dining Cabins

Lavatory/Ablution Cabins

School and Training Cabins

Office Cabins

Accommodation Cabins

Our services


Civil Works & MEP

Re-Locating& Refurbishment

If you are no longer using your portable building and want to sell or replace it, please give us a call today. We are prepared to offer cash bank transfer for the cabin or building that you are no longer using, paying you in full prior to removing it off your property. Please contact us to discuss the portable cabin or buildings you want to sell so that we can make a cash bank transfer offer. Once we are in agreement on the offer, we will pay you in full before our Hiab transport vehicle removes the unit(s) from your property. Our highly-trained teams comply with all health and safety rules and regulations. If needed, we will prepare a risk assessment and methods statement and make sure you have them before we come out to remove your cabin. All our new and used portable cabins have top-quality interiors and exteriors so that you will receive outstanding value for the money spent. We can modify any one of our units to suit your specific needs. We can add partitions, kitchens, showers, sinks and toilets as well as heating, electricity, IT, a security system and more. Our onsite team also provides a full range of refurbishment services.